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Dec 28, 2012 4:00am PST
gonna get the ladies. - and remember when bad perms were, um, good? - oh, my word-- it's fantastic! - when jaime sommers got a perm, and she liked it, i thought, "wow. "they must be a sponsor of the show." it was ludicrous-- she looked like the sasquatch person that she was gonna go toe-to-toe with in another scene. [growling] - number nine-- silly stunts. when a devastating car accident leaves jaime sommers at death's door, her only hope of survival is top secret technology that transformed her into the bionic woman. and, apparently, the first female cyborg sometimes had a soft approach to violence. - so, the bionic woman, uh, throws a teddy bear at a guy, a sniper in a helicopter, and knocks him out of the helicopter, from i don't know how many yards away. like, three football fields, and a plush toy hits his leg, and he fall-- i'm like, "were your legs made out of cotton candy?" - "stop-- i have a stuffed animal, you nazi." who does this? - but, when it came to home economics, she was the ultimate cleaning machine. - well, because i have to juggle so many things, i shoot "open h
Dec 20, 2012 11:00am PST
perms were, um, good? - oh, my word-- it's fantastic! - when jaime sommers got a perm, and she liked it, i thought, "wow. "they must be a sponsor of the show." it was ludicrous-- she looked like the sasquatch person that she was gonna go toe-to-toe with in another scene. [growling] - number nine-- silly stunts. when a devastating car accident leaves jaime sommers at death's door, her only hope of survival is top secret technology that transformed her into the bionic woman. and, apparently, the first female cyborg sometimes had a soft approach to violence. - so, the bionic woman, uh, throws a teddy bear at a guy, a sniper in a helicopter, and knocks him out of the helicopter, from i don't know how many yards away. like, three football fields, and a plush toy hits his leg, and he fall-- i'm like, "were your legs made out of cotton candy?" - "stop-- i have a stuffed animal, you nazi." who does this? - but, when it came to home economics, she was the ultimate cleaning machine. - well, because i have to juggle so many things, i shoot "open house," the "live" show. i'm a new mom, i have a hus
Dec 18, 2012 5:00pm PST
a perm skbrit pass a check. one lawmaker says our priorities are upside down. >> you can ask them to secure a permit that costs just $10 to cut down a christmas tree in the state of california but we cannot ask them to pass a background check to purchase ammunition, much of which is principally designed to kill people. asked pension funds to sell off investments connected to weapons, banned in california. >> and a controversial idea is being raised to keep schools safe. the governor of michigan wants legislation to allow concealed weapons in schools but is arming teachers a good idea is in the member of teacher union says putting guns in the hands of teachers violates that principal. >> would it not want to have someone on me campus dez stated as your campus shooter. we don't think putting guns in the hands of teachers is intelligent or adding more guns to the mix solves the problem. >> this united educateors will vote on a resolution supporting dianne feinstein's legislation calling for for stricter control autos you know people in the bay area not only attending memorials to rem
Dec 6, 2012 4:30am PST
. this is bully center thed. there is a way the violence perm mates across the board and i strongly believe that schools are the heart of health and community well being and the way we're going to transform this world is coming around our kids. we have a sacred obligation and kids to be safe and well connected and well known is all of us, all of us, all the time and even in the room today and the pretense and around the punter -- the question is if it came from the punter and the nfl and the hierarchy and ranking and all the time we're making judgments even as adults. those are embedded in the school experience and how we engage each other in different ways and to say this place in school is a way of increasing our empathy that we would in fact keep our worth's intact while the others is intact and the highest inspiration and live that in stated value and change the practices around social emotional learning and embed in the city of oakland that we belong to each other and i tell you what when so many of the students have been murdered over the last three and a half years i have been ther
Dec 17, 2012 7:15am EST
for what they did if. >> you know, i'm so pleased that many of the family and people that i know very perm hi are here -- personally are here. bob, you were a member of george company 3-1 in the chosen reservoir. part of a book i wrote called "give me a tomorrow," and you were a a machine gunner and it's really an honor to have you here, like george company for the most part dog company hasn't received as much recognition as they deserve. they received a presidential unit citation for their actions, but hill 400 remains an open issue. they deserve the presidential unit citation for that action. they charged that hill, and they held it against all odds. len lamel's last letter to tom riggerio who's one of my main characters in this book was to get the presidential citation for dog company, and that's now in progress. i think of all the units in the european theater of operation, this is one that really needs to be looked at again. dog company's actions at hill 900 definitely -- 400 definitely merit the presidential unit citation, and with hopefully a little bit of luck, we'll get the powers
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Dec 6, 2012 1:00pm PST
heros do. that's not what i'm going to do. i am putting my perm -- personal life aside to destroy your personal life. we have financial super hero and it looks like batman can't keep us from going off the edge the way these guys are going. what do you think? joy well, i think if we go off -- >> well, i think if we go off the cliff the businesses will do what they are doing now and that's sit on tons of cash at a time when they can be trying to expand or trying to take advantage of global growth in the economy. they are sitting on cash. they won't spend on property. businesses usually budget in october. they still president cay budget. they still can't budget. they will push this into some temporary extension which will mean businesses still can't budget. >> that will be a little more insulting. that is not very heroic. what i ask both sides to do now is just bridge the dog mat particular gaps. stop them altogether and get back to the key areas. elections of consequence will have to raise the top rate, so be it. but i am arguing that democrats get off their high horse about not even add
Dec 31, 2012 12:00pm PST
is a permanent revocation, a perm inconsistent fix, if you will, of the alternative men mum tax. that's astonishing. almost a trillion dollars cut from the baseline over ten years and appears that would be in the bill but put out the big caution here because nothing is voted on yet. there's no -- the ink is not dry. the signatures not on the document. if there's a deal, it is still not quite there yet. that big fight as we have been describing over those spending cuts, automatic spending cuts over ten years. >> kristen, as you know, the president was on "meet the press" this week. i want to play that and then your reaction. >> obviously, i think business and investors are going to feel more negative about the economy next year. if you look at projections of 2013, people generally felt that the economy would continue to grow, unemployment would continue to tick down and housing improves but what's been holding us back is the dysfunction here in washington and if, you know, people start seeing that on january 1st this problem still hasn't been solved, that we haven't seen the kind of de
Dec 15, 2012 11:00am EST
's, and it's about do-it--yourself projects. this is just a perm observation, but it seems to me that there is this growing popularity of diy projects. it each has a little acronym now. there's tons of television shows about it. i personally took a class on how to make my own welding invitations -- wedding invitations, so i outsourced to someone to lesh how to do it -- to learn how to do it myself. [laughter] but i wondered if this growth in diy popularity is related to some of the trends that you're identifying here. so, for example, this wedding invitation class when i priced out how much it would cost, it was three times the price of what it would be for me to just buy regular wedding invitations, and there's all these costs in savings to my time and effort as well. and as i was reading your book and thinking about, you know, planning my wedding and being immersed in, like, making a lot of these decisions you talk about, i really started to feel like a lot of diy projects are a privilege for, um, upper and upper middle class people. and i started thinking a little bit about so
Dec 25, 2012 4:00am PST
was planning a song into the perm hard drive of every american for all eternity. ♪ here's my number, so call me baby ♪ >> oh, nasa dropped a rover on mars. >> touchdown confirmed. a dude broke the sound barrier while skydiving from the edge of outer space. mark zuckerberg took his little dorm room project public. while another harvard man took over the nba. and still another stunned the country by upholding the president's health care law from the big chair on the united states supreme court. it was enough to make one more harvard guy sing. ♪ i'm so in love with you >> not quite as strong a year for the harvard of the pacific northwest. reed collins remitted here on "wheel of fortune." >> wand! oh! >> 2012 was a tantalizingly cruel year if you were a lion simply trying to eat a young child at the zoo. >> oh, my god. >> it was a bad year in new york city if you were a person simply trying to drink a giant bucket of soda. but defenders of food freedom fought back with a mashed poe tay poe vending machine, an ice cream cone crust pizza and a bacon sundae. our faith was shaken a bit this year w
Dec 30, 2012 5:00pm PST
to cooperate. it makes sense to save the maximum of taxpayers. that's not a tax increase, that's making perm what are temporary tax cuts for the overwhelming majority of americans. >> if there isn't a deal on fiscal cliff or if it's narrow, if it covers the bare minimum and there's a lot of issues still to be worked out, there's been a lot of disagreement about what that means in the short term, just say through january or february. do you think it would be catastrophic? do you think that there -- >> it's not -- >> it's been overstated? >> it's not catastrophic. but i think the failure to reach a larger deal will be something democrats look back and regret. once the revenue issue's taken care of -- and it will be taken care of quickly -- we're on to the real issues where we have leverage and they don't, that's spending and entitlement issues. there's a sequester itself, which we ought to avoid but they have to avoid to cuts to do that there's continuing resolution, ability of government to spend money, runs out in march and there's the debt ceiling. the american people do want spending cuts.
Dec 1, 2012 12:00am PST
to war. >> rose: there was this moment, is he harold ebens said only the will of one man-- under perm nemt sub jugation, he said everything prepared him for the moment that he entered 10 downing. my question was there no one else, i mean, that this is a rare moment in history where the only person-- person came together and head on with the opportunity he was uniquely suited for. no one else was suited for it and was best suited it for that circumstances. >> with some professional reluctance i would have to agree with you. professional because i speak as a historian. i am reluctant to attribute some up fluence to one person, and their intervention. but i think churchill in 1940, it is very difficult to imagine how that sort of leadership and the desperate situation could have been applied elsewhere. and his own sense of his own mission here was, i think, crucial in holding the situation. >> we tacked about the sense that the power he has in language, in mobilizing people's sentiments there is also this ability to direct war effort. the other thing i think that is striking is the way i
FOX News
Dec 6, 2012 3:00am PST
an '80's shot . the perms we all wore, too. >> we thought we looked fine. >> have a great day, folks. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ >> gretchen: you think they could can have come up with a better way for the perms to smell though, ladies, they stuck. good morning, it is thursday december sixth 2012. i am gretchen carlson. hold the phone. president and speaker hold a fiscal cliff call. there is a problem, the white house doesn't want to budge. >> we face no agreement that doesn't involve the rates going up on the top two percent. >> gretchen: so is it really progress or a stand still. >> steve: meanwhile the reverend behind this nativity scene. live pictures and he has a message from the federal government. merry christmas, government. you are not the real savior. the reverend joins us live this christmas season. >> brian: super storm sandy couldn't wipe out his home but something else did. >> she said to me. are you sure your house is gone. you misplace a pen and pencil but not a house. >> gretchen: how the entire house vanished."fox and friendst now. ♪ ♪ "fox and frie
Dec 20, 2012 8:00pm EST
that every member of this committee felt the loss of ambassador chris stevens and his team in a very perm way. we knew him well before he came before us for con confirmation. he appeared for senator lugar and the committee. we knew of the depths of his character, intelligence, and dedication. his death was a horrible blow in personal terms to the committee as well as to the country and his family. it evoked an outpouring of emotion from our committee in the office to the capitol to the private gestures of members of this committee who shared their grief in private ways at senate 116, signing the books, touching the picture, saying a prayer. equally tragic was the loss of three courageous men, whom i have personally never met, but whose families i had a chance to greet and hug when the military brought their loved ones' remains back to andrews air force base. that brought home the impact of our nation's loss. glenn was a former navy seal, also, from my home state, and i talked a couple times with his family. woods was a former seal, shawn smith, and air force veteran, all people for whom servi
Dec 20, 2012 9:00am EST
millions of americans. that's why we were pushing forward and are on the perm nngt tax relief bill in plan b. but we also know very well that revenues are not the issue here, it is spending. you know, you look at the size of these bills. even the size of the bills over being discussed at the white house. this is just the beginning and a down payment -- >> john harwood joins us. you heard him say they had the votes. i guess i'm wondering do you believe him and if that does pass tonight, what happens next? >> i do believe him. it's always possible things could break down. the reason that they added the spending cut bill to the mix, the $200 billion, is to make sure it passed because you had a lot of conservatives saying, hey, wait a minute, why are we raising taxes on anybody for a bill that doesn't have spending cuts? they added that to get them over the hump, get the 218 votes. i assume a level of confidence in their whip operation and they can pass it. they may leave town, the senate said they'll leave down, they'll come back after christmas on the 26th or 27th. they will see and everybod
Dec 8, 2012 2:45pm EST
perm sacrifice -- [laughter] since of my professional career all that remains is that doctoral dissertation. [laughter] personally, or i should say -- let me amend that -- politically i don't see any utility whatsoever of talking about zionism nowadays. first of all, most people haven't a clue what it means. secondly, for most people zionism is a hair spray. nobody knows what zionism is outside a small group of people for whom it's a matter of intense interest. secondly, in my opinion, everything you want to say by denouncing zionism, everything of any political utility that you want to say denouncing zionism, anything you want to say you can use the language that people understand. you can say you're against settlements, you're against ethnic cleansing, you're against the discriminatory state. all those principles can be rendered in a language that's accessible, that's understandable, that's comprehensible to a broad public. whereas when you start using terminology like zionism, a, the broad public has never heard of it, b, the term is so filled with ambiguity that it doesn't
Dec 13, 2012 5:00pm EST
of the culture. >> the filmmaker lowen gathered essays and perm stories together in "bully," and hear more saturday night at 10 on "afterwords" and more booktv on line, and like us on facebook. the u.s. chamber of commerce tuesday hosted an event looking at the fiscal challenges facing the nation including the negotiations over the so-called fiscal cliff. former comptroller general david walker and former budget officer took a look at the prospects for a grand bargain. this just over an hour. >> you get my panel up here, going to make a few introductory remarks while they are hooking you all up. okay, today, three issues very briefly. one is the fiscal cliff, two is the debt ceiling, and, three, is the big deal that has to be on the debt and deficit. unfortunately, those issues get von -- convuluded, especially in this town. the fiscal cliff is an artificial date. congress came in, says this law expires on this date. they extended it, expires, put in the sequestering, saying it expires on this date. it is a date. all they have to do is extend the date and allow themselves the time to discu
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Dec 14, 2012 8:00am PST
were much more perm, and i think -- personal, and i think, was the turning point. i think if the left hadn't gotten on the bandwagon, maybe she wouldn't have had to withdraw her name. so clearly the tide turned against her when you had a major new york times reporter coming out against her, for example. jon: well, and are the media remembering what happened to john bolton -- >> exactly. jon: he was given a recess appointment, and tried -- you know, his name was submitted to the full senate for confirmation, but that was shot down, judy. nobody seems to remember that there was mostly partisan politics involved in that. >> i mean, in the has always been partisan, it's always been political. nominees of major national security officials are not exempt from politics, but they should be exempt from the kind of ad hominem, personal, really vicious attacks that we saw against susan rice. it was completely uncalled for. there were reasons to oppose her on policy grounds. the republicans pretty much stuck to that, and i agree with kirsten. if this hadn't been joined by the left, she wouldn't h
Dec 16, 2012 5:00am PST
of this does, i think, beg for a better labor enforcement mechanism. we were talking about personal perm attempts. the prelance of the economy how do you organize that part of the economy. increasingly companies are relying on subcontracting their work to other companies which makes it difficult to organize across that. i would say some of that requires better labor law enforcement that says you can't do these kinds of things. >> but that's not enough. you can't stop at enforcement. you have to think aupt of the box about what the laws should be and about what the organizing model should be. first of all we need to tie people's direct bread and butter issues to the union and to issues of the workplace. if you don't have a union we're deeper in poverty. if you're a part-time worker you can't schedule daycare so you organize people around daycare about their immediate issues and as a union you can still do that. as a worker center we organize people around a host of issues that are outside of their workplace issues. secondly, you know, you can bargain with the employer. you can bargain wit
Dec 27, 2012 6:00am EST
, literally. that's what they call it, the perm achievement index -- personal achievement index. they also emphasize we have many kind of personal achievements we consider. race is only one little thing, often don't take it into account. that's the pitch the university of texas makes to the court and others. the numbers tell a different story. the best way to tell whether there's a racial preference in operation, whatever they call it, is to compare the entering academic credentials of different racial groups after they arrive on campus. and when you do that comparison, the most recent numbers we've seen -- 2009 -- looking at those university of texas freshmen when are accepted outside the top 10% system, the p gaps were -- the gaps were 467 s.a.t. points between the mean score on the s.a.t. and the mean black score. there were only 390 points between the mean white score and the mean black score on the s.a.t.. that's on a 2400 scale. those are enormous racial gaps, the idea that this is a tie breaker on little finger on the scales does not withstand analysis, and this is pretty true almos
Dec 18, 2012 12:00pm EST
in more than one state. he became very perm and abo talked -- personal and talked about some of the things they taught him missing an arm he had to do. it was a remarkable presentation that he he made. and senator inouye didn't talk very much.. he was a silent man, didn't tali very much at all. he had a dynamic voice.we v we haven't felt that voice the f last few years because he hasn't been as powerful as he was, ase' he'ss aged. what a beautiful voice he had. and that hospital they took himh to in michigan, senator inouye made his two lifelong friends; one senator bob dole who, as we know, became the republican nominee for president of the united states and sta majority leader here in the senate, and his other lifetime friend, the late senator phil hart who was known as the conscience of theve senate and the hart building, massive senate office building, is named after him. asked by his son why he wasan classified as an enemy alien, the senator said in his usual calm manner, for the children. the children there couldould be no finer role model thanel senator dan inouye.he dan was a recip
Search Results 0 to 47 of about 48 (some duplicates have been removed)